My Photography Story

Hi there! My name is Natasha and I am a photographer. Sometimes I cringe when I say that and only because I feel like I am not good enough. Photography is art and art is subjective - I am more an artist than anything. (Even that may seem strange to some people because perhaps they do not think of photography as anything more than pushing a button). Regardless, I decided to start blogging again. I cannot possibly tell the number of times I have started a blog and stopped writing too. Although I will continue to post travel posts/photos whenever possible, I want the main focus of this blog to be photography. I have a million ideas that I recently have been super inspired by so I am very estatic to share them all with you!

I thought nothing seemed more appropriate than to start with my photography story. My photography story is nothing grand - it's a little hard to even call it such a story but it is nonetheless. I remember being about 11 and first taking photos - it is hard to say whether there was any interest before then as that is the first memory I have of it, but I do vividly remember getting my first camera. It was one that was plastic - it was a giant purple camera that you had to buy rolls of film for. It came with a book in a book fair at school and was $14.99. I BEGGED my parents for it and they finally caved when they came in for a parent/teacher conference one night. I loved that thing so much - I took it everywhere with me! About every year once I turned 13 or 14, I always would ask for a digital camera for Christmas - I always dropped mine about three months in and some part of it would break. I had a black Olympus digital camera next. This one broke because I dropped it on the floor in the sanctuary at church one Sunday morning before service. I was devastated but luckily it still worked. The battery however, kept falling out of the bottom because the hinge had broken the fall. So, I did what every normal photo-loving person would do and used a hair tie to keep it shut. O-M-G. Next Christmas, I received a bright blue Olympus camera. I called it Blueberry. It of course went everywhere with me and took the place of my black Olympus. Shortly again, I dropped it on the floor once again at church. I broke the screen this time and there was a huge black dot on the screen that couldn't be fixed. I was so frustrated with it I had gone back to using my old camera. The reason I broke two cameras at church was mostly because I was just always at church. I grew up in the church and served anytime I could. The place I found to fit in was to go around and take photos. To this day, I still go to the same church and there are digital frames that slide through the photos I've taken throughout the last 12 years. I would take my camera everywhere because I just loved taking photos! I loved getting to capture moments and freeze them forever. There was a guy in a wheelchair at church, Joe. He was loud and wheeled around the whole church. He had a beautiful DSLR camera and would let me tote it around church and play around with it. I knew then I had to get one and keep taking photos! About four or five years ago, I desperately wanted to start making YouTube beauty videos. I watch them constantly and did not think it would be too hard and I decided I needed a DSLR camera for this. For Christmas, I ended up receiving the DSLR camera I wanted. I later found out once I got it and recorded a haul video twice that I hated the sound of my voice on the video and could not upload it. When I first got it I was taking photos of everything however I was intimated by all of the controls and frankly everything about the camera. I had stopped taking photos for quite some time because of this. I didn't know where to start on learning my equipment. A little while later I started picking it up and strictly shot on Auto. I did my very first wedding for some good friends at church. It was a very casual wedding outside maybe two years ago? It was not that long ago however I thought that I would be cool and shoot their wedding on Manual mode (even though I had no clue what I was doing!). All of the photos are extremely white and washed out. It is so hard to bring back details once they're shot like that - especially in JPEG so that was pretty terrible. I felt really bad because it was their wedding but I tried my best I suppose. Anyway, fast forward to last August/September - Joe (my best friend and boyfriend) bought a camera similar to mine and was getting really into photography. I wanted to get back in it and learn all the technical stuff or at least try or learn to work my own camera! Shortly after, I took more a plunge into it to say the least and went a bit crazy with it - I started looking for gigs on Craigslist and put together a portfolio on my website that I built and just went all out. I got my first paid gig which was the bridals I did for the bachlorette party that came to Vegas (Look a few posts before this one to see the photos). I was so nervous and it went really well. I hadn't even really done too many shoots before that weren't of Kady (my sister) or Joe. This was the beginning of everything and a huge stepping stone for me.

Now, months later, I have done several paid gigs, do tfp shoots often, have done my first elopement and have landed my first actual wedding this June. I am very excited for that! Joe and I are shooting that together. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and I am excited to share my photography journey with you all - I love learning and growing and it so awesome I get the opportunity to do that within one of my greatest passions however and whenever I want.