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8 Ways to Get Inspired

8 Ways to Get Inspired

More often that not I find myself trying to figure out half formed thoughts or ideas. Much of those, I'm not quite sure how to create something that I would be proud of and how it would fit in the big picture, so I end up just throwing all these thoughts/ideas into a half full bucket. I sometimes struggle with staying inspired because it's not always something that just plops onto you - You will have to seek it out. Getting and staying inspired is so important to me, especially as a creative type person but sometimes I get stuck. Here are eight of my personal favorite ways to get inspired - I hope you find them useful!

1. Start your day by making a gratitude list.

Nothing will make you happier than writing (and re-reading) a list of things you are thankful for.

2. Write your favorite quotes on index cards and flip through them.

(BONUS: Post them around your house for an every day boost!)

3. Tell others about your thoughts and ideas or dreams and goals.

(Remember to listen to theirs, too!) This may sound trivial, but you'll be surprised about how excited it gets you going. They may even offer suggestions to help figure out an idea or two, as well.

4. Listen to your favorite playlist to jam out to - Or create a new one!

5. Read a chapter (or two) of an uplifting book. (A post with my favorites is coming soon!)

6. Journal for fifteen minutes (or ten if you find this to be too long).

Journaling has ALWAYS been one of my favorite ways to clear my mind and stay focused. You can also flip through later and see exactly what you were thinking.

7. Get your booty on Pinterest!

Limit yourself to 10-15 minutes, otherwise it becomes procrastination. 

8. Create a vision board.

I remember growing up and flipping through and cutting pictures out of magazines that I liked or that inspired me and creating collages and that is exactly the thing that will get you inspired to create!

Hope these personal tips were helpful to you! Please let me know how you get inspired - I would love to hear them all (:

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